“We always ask ourselves how everything is going on in other countries… For some countries we have prejudices and some of it we overestimate and think that we all don’t have common problems, but is it real? Thanks to ERASMUS+ projects which provide to us to meet people with different personalities from all around the world we could see real image of everything and how united defenses could be powerful weapon for solving of any problem.”

  • Milica Dedić, 28, Montenegro





“This project has giving me so much. Experience, new vision in life and it made me realize how lucky young people in Denmark are. In Denmark we have so many opportunities, especially within the field of education. Furthermore, I have gained new knowledge and tools that I can bring with me back home. I trained my public speaking skills by making a speech in front of 30 people from 5 different countries. I want to thank Erasmus+ for letting me meet new people and traveling to a country I haven’t been to. It was indeed and unforgettable experience. “

Rias Ernstsen, 28, Denmark





“A great project focusing on youth in rural areas that deals with the shortcomings we have at home, but gives us ideas how to make things better.”

Vasilije Injac, 22, Serbia






“As the representative of NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro I attended the first activity of the project „Increasing quality of activities targeting rural youth“. The kick off meeting was held in Paralia, the amazing town with stunning seaside. The place was lovely and the people were eager to learn and they were so intelligent. The topic rural youth is so powerful and important nowadays. I hope I will continue to work on this topic in future.”

  • Kristina Pavićević, 19, Montenegro





“I realized how important people are and that team spirit can change this world for the best especially in these difficulty times that we are living in!”

  • Anastasia Vergidou, 30, Greece







“I learned about this training course from a Facebook group and I was really happy when I was chosen to represent my country. I had a really nice time during the whole week and learned a lot of useful information that I didn’t know before both about my country and foreign ones. I really enjoyed the “developing skills” session! I think that it’s really important to implement all these ideas in my region and be a part of the change. In addition, I met lots of people with interesting personalities, enjoyed my time with them (especially at nights) and made some great friendships. I’ll miss all of them, the participants, the trainers and the city. Thank you for everything! Hope we will meet again!”

Iraklis Chatzielenoudas, 18, Greece





“For me education means more than just reading books, passing exams and getting degrees. It is about widen your knowledge, experiencing the world, taking risks, getting involved with people from different cultures and most importantly, being aware of your own self. Erasmus+ provided me with the opportunity to travel abroad, gain new knowledge, meet new people and experience another way of life and culture. It helped me to increase my cultural awareness in order to see and understand both the positive and negative aspects of cultural differences and similarities. I would definitely recommend Erasmus+ for everyone because it’s truly an unforgettable journey that will improve your knowledge, skills and way of thinking. “

Seda Emine Agzigüzel, 23 years, Denmark





“I applied for the kick-off meeting of ‘Increasing the Quality of Activities Targeting Rural Youth’ because the topic of rural youth is important for me, since I can relate to so many young people that want to migrate to bigger cities or even leave the country all together in search of better opportunities for their self-development. I grew up in a rural area in Serbia, and I still see my peers struggling to create a fulfilling life there. Participating in this project I heard about the different situation of rural youth in other countries, such as Denmark, which inspired me to create some innovative solutions for my local community. In addition, I made a lot of new friends and broke some stereotypes I didn’t even knew I had! I would recommend Erasmus+ programmes to everyone who wants to challenge their perception of self and others and to learn through being immersed in an intercultural experience.”

Aleksandra Djurdjevic, 26, Serbia




“The program about rural youth for us as participants worked very well. I learnt great things about other participants and the situation in their country. The most important thing for me is the connection that we had between us. Multicultural and different religions and backgrounds are an amazing blending. I want to participate again.”

Georgina Athanasopoulou, 24, Greece






“I participated for the very first time on a trip to Leskovac, Serbia. For me I’m personally so surprised by how much you develop on such a short period of time and how much you feel like the participants are one little family. We laugh together, grow together and come home with unforgettable memories together. You come home wanting more. I encourage everybody to try it at least once, I’m sure you’ll be coming back for more. “

Sazan Manyjo, 26 years, Denmark





“For me, education is more than reading books and getting a degree. It’s about expanding your knowledge through travelling, taking risks, meeting new people and exchanging life and cultural experiences with one another. Erasmus + has given me the opportunity to expand my perception on many subjects and areas, which is why I encourage everyone who wants to have an open mindset and gain life-time experience to apply to an Erasmus + project.

  • Nivine Kweik, 23, Denmark






“Just a month ago I discovered Erasmus+ funded projects. I saw a call to participate in a training and decided to apply. After 8 days of intensive work and lot of fun, I learned many tools and methods of sharing knowledge and good practices, I became better listener, I improved public speaking and team work skills and now I find out myself more comfortable being surrounded by young people than I used to be.”

Milan Stojanovic, 30, Serbia






“Every young person should take part of these kinds of activities and contribute and better themselves as a person for better personal and community future.”

  • Kristijan Topalov, 22, North Macedonia