These are some of the recommendations from the participants of this project, which they think can solve, or at least minimize, the problems listed above:

  1. Local authorities may pay monthly transport tickets to people living in rural areas, so they can reach the nearest city.
  2. Government could fund locals to create their own associations to produce and process their own products, so they make their own shops and create job opportunities.
  3. Immigration connects with many of different threats and weaknesses. If government would be supportive by giving them funds, information tools, better environment etc. they would be more motivated so they don’t have to immigrate.
  • If they would have information tools like smart phones or lap-tops, they would be more open-minded and they would have more job opportunities.
  • That way they can make organizations where immigrants can contact to the locals so they could help them for education, information or funds in order to create new business.
  1. Fixing the roads.
  2. Modernizing vehicles.
  3. Creating new lines & schedule with buses or trains.
  4. Improving payment methods and update source of information.
  5. Initiative for meetings of all stakeholders.
  6. Budget rebalances (prioritization of rural areas).
  7. Actual implementation of their programs.
  8. Informing educational infrastructure about opportunities.
  9. Creating a marketing strategy (1. online and media campaigns 2. offline – sharing experience of previous participants in existing programs, field work presentations – visiting schools).
  10. Maintaining a good system (Study visits, English courses, meetings of parents with school representative and government officials).                                                                                         
  11. “Domino effect”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Investing in agriculture in rural areas with low population to use open/unused spaces for big agricultural fields, thus creating more job positions. Improving the roads and transportation for more efficient import/export of goods and transport of workers, improved roads will also help tourism. Renting out space from the field(s) can increase accessibility to business start-ups and help to slow down recession of rural populace.


  1. “Go Go Go”
  • Connect ‘n Go:

To have free access to Wi-Fi to rural areas, first of all we have to start a petition campaign to pressure the government to fund a cafe where youngsters and other people of all ages could have free access to Wi-Fi their needs.

  • Meet n’ Go:

For the transport problem, we collaborate with software developers to create an application where people could get connected with others. The main goal is so people can travel for free or share the cost of their trip. (Like Uber for students)

  • Crash n’ Go:

To stay in a hotel at the urban area is too expensive for people living in rural areas and we should find a way to connect them with other people who can let them crash in their house or apartment just for a night. This can be done by creating a second option for this in Meet n’ Go App.