Youth Organization Next Generation is non – profit, NGO founded in February 2010 by people with previous experience in other Ngo’s familiar with the program YIA. Main goal of the organization is to give non-formal educational possibilities to the young people, especially for those that are living in a rural areas, to promote the idea of volunteerism and to contribute to development of young people full potential. We are trying to help and give the right resources and basics knowledge to young people for future employment and promote the idea of entrepreneurship for people with fewer opportunities. Also providing training and financial support for young individuals for better development of the democracy and values of civil society. We have office and 4 people staff working on our local projects and recruiting people for international projects. We have around 100 active members and part of them are volunteers on our local activities. Next Generation cooperated with many organisation from South East Europe and EU on projects within Erasmus + and other programmes of EYF, EU or other international foundations with topics: active participation, social inclusion, youth activism, European awareness, youth Leadership trainings. Currently we work together with “Youth workers Alliance Vranje” on project “Less opportunity + Media=Better opportunities”, in the Capacity building in the field of youth. Last year we worked together with the NGO OAPA, Kosovo and Youth workers alliance Vranje, on a project “Stand up for human rights: from knowledge to advocacy”, that was held in Prizren and Pristina. At local level we are providing trainings to high school and university students on soft skills and especially on Entrepreneurship in their local communities in different cities of R. Macedonia (rural especially). We work constantly with new established youth organizations helping them to build their capacities through monthly online trainings in Digital marketing, e-learning including Erasmus + Projects.

OAPA is an NGO based in Prizren, Kosovo and operates mainly in the Prizren region where numerous ethnicities lives: Albanians, Serbians, Turkish, Roma and Bosnians. OAPA it is mainly focused on youth issues covering almost all fields, but it is particularly involved in work with marginalized groups, minority communities. Main aim of OAPA is empower young people, marginalized groups and enable them to actively participate in community life. OAPA is running local projects focus on women empowerment, working with youth people on activism, developing their entrepreneur potential, empowering them as well as increasing their knowledge on their rights and possibilities through non-formal education and Erasmus + Programme based activities. Besides these activities OAPA advocates on youth issues to local and international organizations/institutions, supports youth organizations in terms of capacity building, with focus on youth marginalized groups (special needs people, women and minorities), organizes workshops and seminars on youth related issues and promotes rights of marginalized groups. OAPA has a significant experience in activities relevant to this application focusing on human rights and advocacy for human rights. OAPA already implemented several projects promoting rights of marginalized groups, more concretely young women. As partner organization OAPA has been involved in several projects tackling human rights and public awareness campaigns aiming to raise awareness on issues connected with discrimination and social exclusion that various groups (Roma, LGBTQ and youth coming from rural areas) are facing in Kosovo. As applicant OAPA hosted capacity building project ‘Stand Up for Human Rights: From Knowledge to Advocacy’. The project was implemented in 2017 and this application is one of the results of the previous project.

Mladiinfo Montenegro is a youth-led non-profit organization founded on 30 March 2011 in Podgorica, Montenegro. We are national organization and our vision is “Young people as key actors of development of Montenegrin society”. Our mission to improve the position of young people in Montenegro, through information, education and their active participation in society. We are active in the field of youth mobility and we have sent over 100 youth to different seminars, trainings and exchanges across the Europe. Our organisation consists of 10 members and 30 volunteers and we have 10 interns who are young people and also 6 employees. We have significant experience in informing and education of youth.

International Centre for Sustainable Development (ICSD) is a Non-profit Organisation established in Ioannina, Greece. «ICSD» aims are to promote activities that contribute to sustainable development, the raising of the spiritual and economic standards, the scientific discussion and popularization of knowledge both in Greece and internationally. The promotion of «ICSD» objectives performed through activities associated with the development of actions for economic development, entrepreneurship, regional planning, social development and prosperity, reduction of economic and social inequalities and discrimination against poverty, support for vulnerable social groups, promotion of cultural and natural resources for sustainable development and develop new, alternative actions and partnerships in areas such as entrepreneurship, tourism and energy as a means of sustainable development.

Draft Copenhagen (DraftCPH) is a non-governmental and non-profit organisation, that is born out of the desire to make an impact and multiply the learnings and experienced gathered through many years of voluntary work. We have an innate desire to explore and innovate on new ideas, concepts, methods and trends within a social, cultural and environmental framework and bring it out to the world from our office in Copenhagen, hence the name “Draft Copenhagen”. Our mission is to facilitate national and international networking among young people, students, trainers and teachers of different nationalities, cultures and backgrounds. We tackle topics such as inter-cultural exchange, non-formal education, ecology, climate change, sustainable development, European citizenship and international politics (geopolitics). All these are added to facilitate the accumulation of experience by young people, especially for those in rural areas, through voluntary activities and non-formal education methods, allowing them to put into practice the theory learned in school.


Youth workers alliance Vranje is a non-profit and non-government organisation founded in 2015 in Vranje, Serbia by group of young workers.
Our motto is that “We can’t build future for the youth, but we can always build youth for the future.”
Youth workers alliance Vranje is directed towards implementing youth development projects and activities, mostly focused for people in rural areas and promoting non-formal education for all youth on local, as well as on international level. All the great things are done by the youth and our organization is focused to create better opportunities for youngsters in rural areas to participate in informal meetings, youth projects as well as in other cultural and educational events and activities, in order to contribute better living conditions of young people. In this way they will respect and honor the values and norms of the civil society. Good habits formed at youth, are the ones that will make difference in the society.

– To initiate participation of young people in rural areas, to be part of social activities on the international and national level.
– Building social platform which educates, informs and inspires people on internet.
– To networking with other organizations or youth group share our vision and mission to work together in youth inclusion.
– To promote integration between different ethnic groups through informal and non-formal learning on international level
– Promotion on our objectives and activities by organizing public campaigns. – Rural development

Next, we are aiming to improve the quality of life for the people with fewer opportunities, to promote human rights and fundamental freedoms through enabling social inclusion and educational support, but also to provide mobility opportunities and to promote young people’s social, spiritual, cultural and educational development. What we are trying to achieve as our goal is to raise awareness about the role of youth in the society and by that to make the civil society a place where all citizens will have equal opportunities and can freely express their initiatives, individual creativity and personal responsibility.