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Youth Workers Alliance Vranje/ Youth association Bell – Capacity Building Activity 12

As part of the dissemination on the Erasmus + project “Increasing Quality of activities Targeting Rural Youth”, our organization created and coordinated Capacity Building Activity 12.

The 12th activity was held on 11th of March 2020 in Vlasоtince. We had 10 participants.

The participants had a warm welcome, and the Staff presented themselves and their role in the organization. Then a short presentation about our organization was held, and our main aims and goals were presented. Also the aim of this event was explained.

The participants played a few name games and icebreakers, such as “Story of my name and why I am special” and “Candy Introductions”.

The project “Increasing Quality of activities Targeting Rural Youth” was presented and also future events, projects and possibilities that the participants can take part in.

This event was important for the participants because they all learned how to use social media tools, how to prepare for important meetings, like job interviews or interviews for scholarships. They learned through games, presentations and workshops. During the event, different tools from non-formal education were used as interesting name games, presentations, discussions, questions and answers session etc.