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Youth Workers Alliance Vranje/ Youth association Logos – Capacity Building Activity 2

As part of the dissemination on the Erasmus + project “Increasing Quality of activities Targeting Rural Youth”, our organization created and coordinated Capacity Building Activity 2.

The 2nd activity was held on 27th of September 2019 in High school of medicine in Leskovac and 36 young participants took part in it.

The members of the Youth Workers Alliance Vranje and Youth association Logos introduced to 36 young people the Erasmus + work program, the opportunities it offers, how to apply for the programs and where to find information, and our main aims and goals were presented. Also the aim of this event was explained.

In order to get to know each other, the participants played a name game and icebreaker (“Story of my name” and “Who is the leader”). In the workshop, the youth heard more about the project and its activities.

Participants had the opportunity to learn more about human rights through workshops, and how to increase quality of their lives by promoting human rights in their city or village.