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Youth Council Next Generation – Capacity Building Activity 2 – Presentation Skills

As part of the dissemination on the Erasmus + project “Increasing Quality of Activities Targeting Rural Youth”, our organization created and coordinated 8 capacity building activities.

The second activity was held on 12th of August 2019 in the office of VCS – Volunteers Center Skopje, and 10 young participants took part in it.

The participants had a warm welcome, and the Staff presented themselves and their role in the organization. Then a short presentation about our organization was held, and our main aims and goals were presented. Also the aim of this event was explained.

In order to get to know each other, the participants played few name games and icebreakers, such as “Story of my name and why I am special” and “Candy Introductions”.

The main activity on this event was teaching the participants “Presentation Skills”. This session was held by a professional trainer, and the process of holding a good presentation was explained in detail. The “TED talk” workshop was presented, and the participants worked individually and had time to prepare their own presentations with the new skills they learned about (speaking skills, presenting skills, body language while presenting, time management etc.). After the preparation time, participants voluntarily went in front of the audience, and did their presentations. Each presentation followed a constructive feedback and comments of how and where they can do better given by the trainer.

After this, the staff held a presentation of the Erasmus + programme, and it’s many possibilities for the youth, with Q&A session. Then the participants played a Kahoot quiz, just so they can see how much they learned about Erasmus + programme.

The project “Increasing Quality of Activities Targeting Rural Youth” was presented and also future events, projects and possibilities that the participants can take part in.

This event was important for the participants because they had the opportunity to learn something valuable these days, since presenting an idea, topic, material etc. in front of a big audience is a big deal for some people.

During the event, different tools from non-formal education were used as interesting name games, presentations, discussions, questions and answers session etc.