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Seminar “Increasing Quality of Activities Targeting Rural Youth”, 09 – 16 November, 2019 – Struga, North Macedonia

The last event of the project “Increasing Quality of Activities Targeting Rural Youth” was held in Struga, North Macedonia, in the period of 09 – 16 November, 2019, in the Hotel Solferino. This event is a seminar and it’s the fifth and the last activity of the project.The project is co founded by European commission from the programme“Erasmus+”.

The seminar included 30 youth participants from partner organizations from 6 different countries. Implemented by the NGO “Youth Workers Alliance – Vranje” from Serbia, in collaboration with “Next Generation” from North Macedonia; “MladiInfo” from Montenegro; “OAPA”from Kosovo; ICSD” from Greece and “Draft Copenhagen” from Denmark.On this event, partner organizations expressed strong interest to include representatives from other sectors (educational, regional, local and national institutions) and to consider common created politics for supporting rural development. The seminar was based on presentations of practices, existing policies, discussions about common challenges but also a reflection of specific cases in all 6 partner organizations.

The final product of this seminars a set of recommendations for the youth organizations and other interested parties and aims to create forward-looking steps to improve the efficiency of the practices and develop the quality of services provided to young people from rural areas.The participants had the opportunity to visit the village Vevcani and its surroundings where they were tasked to record videos with which they would spread their message to the youth organizations and institutions about their work with youth from rural areas.

It is worth mentioning that the whole team was amazing and the participant shad a great time together.The participant’s free time was filled with interactive conversations, social games, dancing competitions, karaoke and intercultural evenings where each of the countries presented their traditional food, music, culture in the best possible light.