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Training Course “Increasing quality of activities targeting rural youth”, 14 – 22 July, 2019 – Leskovac, Serbia

The project "Increasing quality of activities targeting rural youth" takes place in Leskovac, Serbia, in the period from 14 – 22 July 2019. This event is a training course and represents the third activity of total five events for the project. The project is co-funded by the European Commission through the Erasmus + program and implemented by the NGO “Youth Workers Alliance” Vranje. The training course includes participants from partner organizations from 6 countries.
Partners are youth organizations coming from North Macedonia – Next Generation, Montenegro – MladiInfo Montenegro, Kosovo – OAPA, Greece – International Center for Sustainable Development and Denmark – Draft Copenhagen. The partners had the opportunity to present the situation of young people in rural areas and to share good and bad experiences and methods when it comes to working with that target group.

Key issue related to the project “Increasing quality of activities targeting rural youth” is the lack of opportunities for personal and professional development of young people (16-30 years) coming from rural areas of partner countries. They do not have access to quality activities, services or information on local, regional, national or international projects open to young people.

The training course has several parts. First part provides the participants space to share and reflect on the process of applying lessons learned from study visit in their environment. In this case, the participants identify possible obstacles and brainstorm ideas how to overcome them. The second part focuses on developing participant’s competencies to deliver quality activities targeting rural youth. The participants take part in discussions, debates, simulations, role plays. After that, the participants focus on developing their capacities to include community in their work with rural youth and implement activities leading to positive community change. Last part of the training course focuses on planning capacity building activities.